Case Rotation

Can a Smaller Business Also Achieve Solid Data Protection?

Of course! That’s what we’re here for! If you’ve researched data tape rotation choices for your business and wondered if your smaller venture would benefit from this option as the bigger companies do (who routinely rotate massive amounts of backup tapes daily), you have likely realized that it is not only feasible for you to participate in data protection for your small company, but also extremely wise.

We create customized data rotation on a weekly or even monthly calendar, which will be be based upon YOUR business’s distinct needs to ensure efficiency, and security.

The Data Vault is here! Right where your business is, in Louisville, and we are at your service; offering an economically viable backup tape rotation service without the stringent rotation timetable that larger companies often must adhere to.

We ensure that you shall fully comprehend the process as well as the advantages for using case rotation for your small businesses needs. It’s actually rather basic; backup tapes and/or media are placed in media case containers, which are barcoded for tracking purposes, and then transferred between your business and The Data Vault.

The information is shipped within their media cases in a specialized-climate vehicle from your business to The Data Vault where they are then housed, safe and secure, within our specialized-climate-monitored vault.

Media Storage Case Rotation

The Data Vault Offers:

Whatever your data storage needs are we’ve got them covered!