What Is The Data Vault Cloud Backup?

The Data Vault Cloud is a backup and disaster recovery solution that provides a single, integrated approach to data protection. It’s complete range of tools and capabilities ensure the secure protection of more data while using less network. Backed by the longstanding reputation of The Data Vault, you never have to worry about the security or integrity of your information.

  • Transparent pricing options based on either a storage size or number of devices model depending on suitability
  • Full compliance with legal regulations and retention guidelines
  • AES 256 level encryption for enhanced cybersecurity
  • Fully tracked change logs and error reporting for accountability

Utilizing the industry recommended 3-2-1 model, our solution provides a flexible system that can handle organizations of any size:

3-2-1 Cloud Backup Solution

In practice, this means keeping three separate copies of your data: on-premises, off-premises, and in the cloud. The provider is responsible for monitoring, securing, encrypting and delivering your data when you need it; minimizing employee time spent managing the processes.

What Sets Our Solution Apart?

Transparent Pricing

Make budgets go farther! Whether you’re a small office or a large enterprise, our device and storage based pricing models give you the flexibility to choose the right fit for your organization. No hidden fees and upfront quotes allows for total control.

Absolute Accountability

Tracking which users are modifying information is a critical part of assessing accountability, and features like change logs and error reporting allows for greater intelligence when making investigations. Magnetic tape archives negate the ability to destroy data.

Around The Clock Confidence

Your operations never stop and neither should your backups. Customizeable recovery time objectives, 24 hour customer service, and scheduled processes keep your information continuously protected to prevent costly delays and downtime.

Easy Management

Busy professionals don’t have the time or the energy to micromanage their computer backups, and our system reflects that. With full time monitoring services, there’s no need for on-site employees to provide regular maintenance.

Regulatory Compliance

Knowing the full extent of the penalties for firms that don’t comply with governmental guidelines is critical in today’s business environment. Our solution helps firms retain (and delete) data in accordance with the most updated regulations as they change.

Robust Flexibility

Our “any device, any time” policy creates an environment flexible enough to handle the challenges of modern legislation and litigation proceedings. Industry leading encryption in the cloud combined with magnetic tape backup offers both convenience and security measures not offered elsewhere.

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