Data Protection

Looking for Data Protection Services?

Your company puts a lot of money and effort into maintaining complete and accurate records of your day-to-day operations. Storing this information off-site and establishing a scheduled rotation is critical in making sure your company has a back up plan if a disaster or computer malfunction were to occur.

Our Climate-Controlled Vault was specifically designed to store media and other vital records in the most ideal environmental, safe conditions. The facility was built to four-hour architectural fire specifications with filled, reinforced 12” thick concrete block on the exterior walls, and filled, 10” thick concrete block on the interior walls. The roof system is redundant, with two standing seam steel installations, one atop the other. Access is through a four-hour fire rated steel vault door.

The Vault is further protected by an FM-200 Fire Suppression System. The temperature and humidity range is constantly maintained within the critical standards required for computer media storage. The entire facility, Records Center and Climate Controlled Vault, is protected by motion detectors and door entry contacts. The Data Vault is monitored 24/7/365 by a UL/FM approved independent security company.

To request a free quote, please call (502) 244-1151. If you’ve reached us after hours, or would otherwise prefer, you may fill out and submit the quote request form on this page. A representative will contact you within one business day.

Climate Controlled Vault (CCV) Rotation Service

Having one of the largest CCVs in the region, no project is too large here at The Data Vault. A regular pick-up and deliver schedule can be established or you can request items or pick-ups on an on-call basis. Whatever suits your needs. Our CCV team has over 25 years of combined experience which will ensure you receive the correct items on the correct dates. We feature CCV-to-Your-Hands inventory scanning which tracks the Chain-of-Custody every step along the way for your vital information. Requests for item delivery can be made via email, phone, fax, or through our website. Every company is different and we will strive to accommodate your specific requirements.

Scheduled Service Procedures

We will work with your company to establish a regular rotation (every day, once-a-week, once-a-month, etc) that suits your needs or requests can be made as needed.

Your items are scanned verified after they are removed from the Climate Controlled Vault. They are then scanned again to the specific route & vehicle that your company is assigned to. Our uniformed drivers (who are background checked and drug-screened, as are all Data Vault employees) will arrive at a pre-determined, scheduled time and scan your items again to match them to the items listed on your Work Order. This ensures that your items will not be delivered to other customers. The drive will scan your items for pick-up and assigned them to a Work Order designated to your account.

Once the driver arrives back at The Data Vault, the items are re-scanned into our inventory and given a return date according to your Transmittal or based on your rotation schedule. Our daily procedures in our CCV include running a report that identifies what needs to be delivered for specific accounts on specific days. We scan verify every item using state-of-the-art tracking software so that there are no questions regarding what is being delivered and picked-up to a particular customer.

You can access your inventory 24 hours a day through Data On Command (DOC) on our website. All of the vehicles in our fleet feature GPS tracking software and can be monitored through the web.


Items can be stored in our Climate Controlled Vault in a number of ways. We can reserve space in the form of racks for tape slotting, in transfer cases on shelves, or in pull-out drawers for small items. As your inventory grows, we can add additional space dedicated to your inventory.

Destruction Services

If at any point your media becomes unnecessary, we can shred the items beyond recognition and provide to you a Certificate of Destruction for your records.

* Please note … above are our standard procedures.  However, we can work with your company to adjust these procedures to meet your specific needs. Contact our Customer Service department for more details.