Drop Off Shredding Services


Would You Like to Drop Off Your Shredding?

The Data Vault’s Drop Off Shredding Service is perfect for the self-employed, small businesses, or Louisville residents wanting to shred bank statements, invoices, bills, and other private information. Certain things should simply not be trusted to curbside recycling where they may fall into the wrong hands.

How It Works

Bring your materials for destruction to our drop off address on this page. Come in to our office and a team member will go to your vehicle with a locking tote for small volumes or a pallet for large volumes. The Data Vault does all the lifting while you relax! Your materials will be staged in our secure facility and shredded within 30 days. The Data Vault will issue you a Certificate of Destruction for you to place in your files. Contact us for a quote.

Common Questions

Q. Must I remove paper clips or staples?
A. No need! Our modern shredders handle these easily! Leave on report covers, throw in hardcover books.

Q. Can you destroy other media?
A. Yes, we shred x-raysmicrofilm, and destroy hard drives, disks and other computer media though the pricing for these services will vary depending on what your shredding and the volume of such media.

Our Location

The Data Vault’s drop off location is:

13201 Data Vault Drive
Louisville, Kentucky 40223-1390

Phone (502) 244-1151
Facsimile (502) 244-1434

Our Hours