Image Hosting

Looking for Online Image Hosting?

Would you like your business to have immediate and global access to its imaged files? Our modern technology not only makes this possible, but also inexpensive to implement. The Data Vault’sDocument Repository service gives you ready access to all of your imaged files. You can browse your scanned documents from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day–using an ordinary Internet browser. All data transferred from our repository’s servers are send via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to ensure regulatory compliance with all privacy laws.

The Data Vault offers various Image Hosting options. Already have a lot of electronically stored data? Then The Data Vault can readily integrate it to our image repository. Do you have a lot of original documents needing to be scanned or digitized? Paper? Microfiche? Microfilm? Punch cards? Once your image hosting account is enabled, you can upload self-scanned documents from your own office and place them into the repository. You can also image your files and e-mail to us, or send them to our FTP server or mail us a CD of your images. The Data Vault will then index your scanned files and add them to your image hosting account..

Small volume? You can even fax us your files for upload!