Media Supplies

Looking To Replace Worn Out Old Devices?

A significant part of data backup is having immediate access to the highest-quality media. Waiting for tapes to be delivered to support your backup rotation strategy isn’t acceptable: it leaves vital business data unprotected, and inferior media is likely to degrade or malfunction. Your business information is a critical asset that deserves a storage device befitting its value. As part of an ongoing commitment to providing the best services for our clients, we are pleased to offer a wide variety of backup media for sale. From magnetic tapes to hard drives we can suit almost any business need within the spectrum of physical devices:

These are just a few of options available in our catalog, we carry all the top brands on the market today. Whether you need Sony, Fujifilm, HP, IBM, Maxell, Quantum, Verbatium, iMation, Exabyte, Sun, or TDK media… we have what you need! Orders can be placed at any time, with either expedited courier delivery or delivery incorporated into your regular tape rotation schedule. In addition to providing a wide selection of the best-quality backup tapes available, we also offer barcode labeling on any media order.

Contact us today for pricing specifications (discounts for bulk purchases) and don’t forget that we offer easy labeling and organization for your convenience!