Network Information

What’s the best way to access your documents easily? How does The Data Vault ensure security of that process?

The Data Vault offers many options around the implementation and continued operation of scanning your documents and imaging your files. We have the technological backbone and network infrastructure to support all that we offer. Always know that our knowledgeable staff are able to assess your needs and advise you on all imaging projects.

The Data Vault Offers:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity with secure images at the desktop.
  • Concurrent user access.
  • Enhanced online communications.
  • Online availability 24/7/365.
  • Output available to CD/DVD; self contained with images, indexes & software.
  • Full HIPAA compliance with chain of custody tracking.
  • Confidentiality assured with 25 years of experience in document security.
  • Pick up and delivery in secure, GPS-tracked vehicles.
  • Back file conversions.
  • PaperVision Software

Our Scan on Demand Service offers: