Software Escrow

The Data Vault’s Escrow Dispensation Solution

When you need your data, formulas, blueprints, software source codes, as well as other alternate comprehensive property options escrowed, look no further. The Data Vault’s here for you. We offer complete third-party escrow services in our secure media vault.

The benefits of escrowing data (intellectual property escrow or source code escrow or software escrow are sometimes used interchangeably) is to guard your technological resources by allocating the items to a nonpartisan syndicate for protection.

Basic Escrow Agreements at The Data Vault

Escrow is an agreement, via contract, that clearly outlines the conditions of the developer’s possession and the beneficiaries. Beneficiaries are the client and/or client’s designation and investors, interested individuals, licensees, and investors, along with distinct terms, which are referred to as “release conditions” that are required to activate the transfer or release of the materials deposited in that escrow account to the aforementioned beneficiaries.

Three-Party Escrow Options at The Data Vault

Often compulsory for those licensees that are acquiring technological data from smaller or early-stage developers, these contracts are personalized with distinct terms and are deadlocked between the developer of the technology, a lone beneficiary and The Data Vault.

Take a look around our website and you’ll see that The Data Vault is your go-to source for all of your escrow needs. We have been the trusted, secure, solution for numerous clients across the country and are constantly on the forefront in areas of technological development, management, intellectual property issues and resolution disputes. We will even provide draft agreements for your perusal.