The Data Vault Story

How it all began

In 1984, three partners, Sam Pollitt, Dyche Gregory and myself, opened the doors to a small, custom-built vault in the lower level of an office building just down Shelbyville Road. We catered to the emerging data processing market by storing backup computer tapes as a hedge against disaster. The next year, one of our 25 customers asked us to store some boxes of paper records in space outside the vault, and thus we delved into the business of storing and managing inactive and semi-active business records.

Growing Up and Out

In 1991, after expanding once, we designed and built Phase I of this complex and by 1996, we were at capacity in both the vault and records center. We went up in the vault, nearly tripling our space, and out to Phase II in the records center, adding space for another 150,000 cartons.

Technology Dictates Type of Growth

By 2001, while data miniaturization had given us breathing room in the vault, our records center shelves were brimming with boxes. Also, we had 25 people squeezed into office space designed for 10. (We were most definitely a close knit group, figuratively and literally!). In response to this growth we invested nearly $1.5 million in a 25000 square foot custom designed building addition to house some 400,000 cartons of records, and (our  patient employee’s will attest to) also more than doubled our office space. The building expansion allowed us to expand our employee roster as well, to our current number of thirty, and I am grateful to say that sales have increased exponentially, as well. Our Customers today number over 700.

The Data Vault Serves The Who’s Who Of Louisville

The nature of the business makes customer lists proprietary and very private, but a roster of those who use the services of The Data Vault includes the largest and most prominent names in Louisville area companies, as well as smaller business entities; all equally valued and important to us.

We Are Your Dedicated, Hometown Records Storage Facility

The Data Vault is locally owned and operated, and addresses a market that requires high service capabilities and stringent security measures. Files are available for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year within 75 minutes.

The Future of Records Storage

We are always on the cusp of what the future of records storage will bring. Though we are regaled with the concept of an imminent paperless office, the industry sees the next 20-25 years as a period of growth in paper records storage. Technology is allowing customer access to the database of their records via Internet connection, which enhances the ability to manage huge quantities of corporate files with just a point & click. Additionally, we are eagerly eying the development of electronic vaulting (the process of transmitting data to a backup site electronically rather than copying files or other media to a tape), and see it as an adjunct to storage of backup media in a bricks & mortar vault.

Bottom Line: The Heart of This Company is With The People….

Above all, the storage of vital corporate information is a people business; close relationships established between vendor and customer, which enhance our ability to deliver records on time and on budget. Getting to know you and your company’s needs is not only our responsibility, it is our distinct pleasure.

What Makes The Data Vault Stand Out

Two goals permeate our day; to provide the best customer service possible, and to make our company a fun place to work. I could not be more proud of the folks with whom I work—the people who have helped build this company.

– Richard (Dick) Gladden