X-Ray Storage & Scanning

Seeking Preeminent X-Ray Storage Options?

All medical health care providers require dependable storage facilities for their x-ray films. Whether you’ve made the transfer to a PACS solution or not, those prior x-ray films still necessitate climate-controlled archiving. The Data Vault is the trustworthy, secure facility for you. We can also barcode and catalog your material, shelve it and permanently store your x-ray film.

X Ray Storage Services

Convenience, Choice and Quality

When you store your x-ray films with The Data Vault, convenience is part of the deal. Using any standard web browser you can have access to your x-rays electronically. Our trained team will extricate any requested x-ray film; it can then be delivered to you physically (when closer inspection is required), transmitted electronically or both. It’s entirely up to you. As an added plus, electronic x-ray transference can be incorporated with our scan-on-demand assistance.

The Data Vault offers an x-ray storage and retrieval service that is speedy and economic. We are the premiere x-ray archiving and management proprietor.