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2012 Data Protection Association Conference

Back in July, I wrote a blog highlighting the importance of networking during The Data Vault’s 28 years of business, Networking-28-years-and-counting. When many of us think of networking, the first thing that comes to mind is the concept of joining groups as a tool for meeting sales prospects. While networking groups have become an increasingly important outlet for Sales Teams, this blog focused more on the benefits that The Data Vault has gotten out of networking with industry leaders and peers in the different areas of Records and Information Management.

In the first week of October, I was lucky enough to attend the 2012 Data Protection Association (DPA) Conference in St. Petersburg, FL. DPA is the premier trade association in the Data Protection industry. Attendees traveled from all over the globe, including a media vault owner from Trinidad and Tobago. In addition, there were industry vendors and experts who presented current trends and topics such as the recent advancements in tape as a back-up medium, radio frequency identification (RFID), updates on government regulation including SSAE and PCI, and disaster recovery planning.

Along with the discussion of the previous topics, there were 2 keynote speakers at the conference, Dr. Dale Henry and John Toigo. Dr. Henry, who has a Ph.D. in Adult and Continuing Education, shared some extremely entertaining stories with a focus being on customer appreciation. Unfortunately, superior customer service is an area often overlooked in the industry. While security and confidentiality is vital when handling back-up media, a positive and trustworthy relationship between clients and their service provider is a must to withstand long lasting business partnerships.

Mr. Toigo is a data protection and disaster recovery expert who has written over 1,000 articles and 15 books on the subjects. His presentation titled “Separating Fact from Fiction in the time of Infastruggle,” discussed the emergence of disk to disk and electronic vaulting in recent years. While there is definitely a place for “cloud back-up”, he noted that tape back-up was still an “ace in the hole” for data protection. The idea is that there is not a “one size fits all” approach; your back-up methods may vary based on how critical the particular data is that you may need to restore.

In addition to the fact that the Data Protection Association Conference was in Florida, which is never a bad place to be in the fall, I came away from the conference with a new perspective to go along with my tan. I am extremely proud of the fact that The Data Vault makes a conscientious effort daily to excel in both areas presented by Dr. Henry and Mr. Toigo. We understand the importance of offering a wide variety of services to our clients and tailoring them to fit their needs. While we are able to offer both traditional media vaulting as well as on-line disk back-up services, we do it not only with a focus on security, but also the understanding that we are in the service business as well.

On behalf of The Data Vault, thank you for the opportunity to service you.

Michael Payton
Operations Manager
The Data Vault


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