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The 3S Solution To Storing Electronic Medical Images


One of the most compelling arguments for storing information in the cloud is medical imaging. It is estimated that data from these services (digital x-rays, CT, MRI, PET scans, etc.) already accounts for about 30 percent of the world’s total storage capacity. Add to this the ever increasing complexity of digital images, and you will soon come to the conclusion that on-premises archiving of such vast amounts of data will exceed virtually any individual hospital or health system’s capacity for storage. If the inevitable conclusion is that you cannot possibly store all that future information, what should you be looking for in a cloud backup partner?


The core competency of hospitals and clinics is healthcare, not information technology. With that in mind, IT resources should be directed at projects and solutions that improve patient care; not running a data center. Third party providers can oftentimes offer lower cost, less complex options than what is possible in-house.


Flexibility is key when dealing with healthcare information needs, and medical imaging consumes a big chunk of the world’s data storage capacity. This demand will only increase in the years ahead, so you need a cloud storage partner that is in it for the long haul – one that can scale both up and down according to the needs of its clients.


It goes without saying that not all data is created (or stored) equally. There can be no mistakes when it comes to protected health information as defined by HIPAA. You don’t need a backup provider that monetizes its services by analyzing your data or selling it to others. You want a partner that has the same high regard for the privacy of your patients’ health data as you do.

Since our founding during the summer of 1984, The Data Vault has been providing quality services for medical organizations across the region over the past 30 years. Whether you’re beginning the search for a partner to bring your information into the digital age or looking for a quality alternative to a current provider, we can help you evaluate the options and look towards the future. Combining high quality digitization services with a cloud backup and disaster recovery solution, our team has the capabilities to match any need.


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