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5 Good Reasons to Consider a Media Storage and Rotation Service

Hand up with open palm on blue background. Stop concept.Your data is your most valuable business asset, but it’s only as safe as the media it’s stored on. Without a reliable media storage and rotation plan, you put your data at risk. If you’re on the fence about investing in a media storage and tape rotation service, here are five good reasons to use a top-notch service provider:

1. Data Security

When it comes to data protection, backing up isn’t enough. Without a media storage solution, you risk losing critical business files and applications to theft, fire, flooding and natural disasters. A purpose-built, climate-controlled vault offers the most secure storage environment for your backup media. Its four-hour rated steel door and redundant, standing-seam, steel roof system provides complete protection for your backup media. Inside, a clean fire-suppression agent protects your media from water damage and doesn’t leave damaging residue on your backup tapes.

Only authorized data protection personnel can enter the vault. Motion detectors, door contacts and a 24/7/365 surveillance system allow strict access monitoring and control.

2. Media Preservation

Imagine accidentally losing your business data and trying to restore it with backup tapes only to find that they don’t work. This won’t happen with a media storage and rotation service.

The temperature and humidity range within a media vault is constantly maintained to the precise standards required for computer media storage. Specially-designed, high-density media storage shelving units minimize light and dust pollution, while professional stacking techniques keep your media from being destroyed or corrupted while in storage.

3. Disaster Protection

Fires, floods and other natural disasters strike unexpectedly—that’s what makes them so treacherous. Disaster recovery experts recommend storing media offsite, away from your primary business location. A media storage and rotation service ensures your critical data is transferred offsite after it’s backed up. Based on your backup schedule, your media is picked up from your facility and securely transported to the media vault. During pickup,the next tape(s) in your rotation are cycled back to you.

4. Data Recovery

A data loss remediation plan involves being able to restore digital files quickly. Even a short period of downtime can wreak havoc on your business. A media storage and rotation service gives you a continuous data recovery solution. Your backup media is bar coded and tracked with inventory management software. Whether during normal workdays, after hours, or on a holiday, you have 24/7/365 access to your backup media. They can be delivered to your primary facility or hot site.

5. Cost Savings

In-house media storage and management is time consuming and costly, and few small businesses have budgets large enough to acquire a media vault and hire IT staff to manage their data backups. A media storage and rotation service minimizes your storage and administrative expenses and eliminates the privacy and non-compliance risks that jeopardize your bottom line.

With all these benefits, you may be wondering how you can afford not to invest in a media storage and rotation service!

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