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6 Questions to Ask a Hard Drive and Media Destruction Provider

Request for information Asking Wonder Need Knowledge Keyboard purple key Intention create computer computing reflection document.Many data breaches are the direct result of improper media disposal practices. That’s why it’s crucial to select a hard drive and media destruction provider who guarantees the complete destruction of your devices. Here are six key questions you should ask a hard drive and media destruction provider before trusting them with your data:

1. What is your experience?

Ask your hard drive and media destruction provider when they were established. They should have an extensive track record providing secure data destruction services. Find out what their clients say about them. If a prospective hard drive and media destruction provider is reluctant to provide you with client references, keep looking.

2. What can you destroy?

Sensitive data can be found on all kinds of devices, such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and backup tapes. Make sure your hard drive and media destruction provider can destroy a wide variety of hardware and digital devices.

3. What are your security practices?

Knowing how detrimental a data breach can be to any organization, including legal action, fines, and negative publicity, be sure to choose a hard drive and media destruction company who puts security at the forefront of their business. Only background-screened professionals should handle and destroy your media. A stringent chain of custody should be followed during the entire destruction process. Verify that your hard drive and shredding provider offers locked, tamper-resistant collection containers. The barcode of each device should be scanned as it’s destroyed.

4. Where are my hard drives destroyed?

Hard drive and media destruction providers offer on-site and off-site destruction options. The method you choose depends on your business requirements and budget. Although both can be completed securely, you may pay a premium to have your media destroyed on-site at your facility with a mobile destruction vehicle. Both on-site and off-site destruction technicians follow a strict chain of custody to keep your data secure.

5. How can I verify that my data is destroyed?

With an on-site media destruction service, you can watch your media destroyed firsthand at your facility. Your media destruction provider should provide you with a Certificate of Destruction to prove that your electronic media is permanently erased and unrecoverable. The time and date of destruction should be noted on the Certificate of Destruction to prove your compliance with federal data destruction requirements.

6. What happens to my e-waste?

Electronic media should always be destroyed in an environmentally-friendly manner. Partner with a media destruction provider who follows green e-waste destruction practices. That way, you can be sure the precious metals contained within your destroyed devices are reclaimed for reuse instead of poisoning the environment.

The Data Vault offers data destruction solutions to businesses in Kentucky and southern Indiana. For more tips on choosing a hard drive and media destruction provider, please contact us by phone or complete the form on this page.


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