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Advances In Data Backup & Recovery


IT environments are becoming more complex every day, and traditional data protection solutions were designed for a simpler time. Servers were physical, the cloud didn’t exist, and phones were for making calls – today’s sophistication calls for a new generation of solutions.

Modern Data Requires New Generation Data Protection

These solutions are different. They are built for today’s virtual, physical, cloud, and mobile environments. New generation solutions protect any data, in any environment, across all locations and on any device. These technologies capture any workload data; store it on any storage device; recover it to any platform, hypervisor, or operating system; and provide access from any remote device to reduce downtimes and deliver improved recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO).

Finally, new generation solutions provide dual protection by seamlessly integrating with the cloud. This makes it easier than ever to follow the “3-2-1” rule, which requires three copies of data, in two different media types and with one copy stored offsite.

Recovery Matters Most

Let’s be honest: Data protection isn’t about making copies of data to fill up extra storage. Data protection really is about recovery. When something goes awry, IT needs to ensure the company is back up and running quickly and minimize the impact as much as possible. A single hour of downtime can yield significant financial repercussions. One hour of downtime costs small businesses (fewer than 100 employees) $6,900 and midsized businesses (100 to 1,000 employees) $74,000 on average. However, not all data is created equal, so companies need to decide which types of information need to be recoverable, and how much time can elapse before operations are running again.

RPO and RTO times will vary for different systems. Take the payroll system, for example. If data loss occurs, it’s important to get the system running, but recovery can likely take a couple of days, assuming it’s not payday. However, most companies can’t tolerate downtime with a CRM system. IT will need to get it back online ASAP so salespeople can access call histories and close more deals. Granular backup gives IT the flexibility and control to recover application data without recovering the entire disk or volume. This speeds up the process of recovering the most important data first, followed by the sections with a slower RTO.

Flexibility Matters

Everybody likes solutions that fit like a glove. IT pros want everything they need without having to pay for extra features that just complicate things. With traditional data protection solutions, organizations had to choose between affordable but incomplete point products, and feature-rich but highly complex and expensive platforms. With today’s new generation solutions, IT gets the best of both worlds: best-in-class individual products that seamlessly blend together into an easy, complete and safe solution.

Consider IT admins responsible for their company’s Exchange server. They want a solution that is tailored for Exchange and that provides a range of recovery options, whether a single email, one user’s mailbox or the entire server. Or consider system administrators responsible for the company’s virtual environment. They want a solution that is optimized for the specific hypervisors the company uses, whether it’s VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, Red Hat or others. They want a solution that will backup both virtual machines and the physical server where they reside.

If It’s Not Easy, It Won’t Work

Data is critical to businesses, but let’s face it: IT professionals are busy and likely don’t have time to tinker with backup and recovery systems, nor should they. What’s more, many small businesses do not have dedicated IT staff and instead rely on employees who handle backup among numerous other duties. In each of these situations, companies need a solution that’s easy, reliable and works perfectly the first time to avoid spending excessive time or making costly mistakes with critical data assets.

To successfully restore data, IT needs simple technologies that can handle complex tasks seamlessly. Solutions should also provide simple and concise instructions on how to manage the recovery process, so that any layman can handle crisis situations like a seasoned professional. Data protection methods that don’t meet these expectations just won’t work. And if it doesn’t work, the data – and potentially the entire business – will be at risk.

If you’re still using outdated methods that provide incomplete data protection, talk with our expert team about the benefits modern solutions can provide. The Data Vault Cloud provides sophisticated, adaptable backup and recovery for the most complex environments – at a price that fits with any budget. Contact us today and someone will reach out to assess your situation, provide options, and recommend the next steps!


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