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Organizing personal files and keeping them secure

It’s tax time again, and although I’ve improved over the years with organizing my files at home, I promise myself that “next year I’ll do even better”. My file drawer is getting full of years’ worth of paper: bank statements, payroll stubs, and prior years’ tax forms, just to name a few. I tackled the job one afternoon , making new folder files with labels, purging older papers for shredding, keeping a years’ worth of utility bill statements. . .

Now what to do with all of those tax forms? Scan them.

Now I have my tax forms, indexed by year, on a flash drive stored offsite. Along with those documents, I scanned other important items such as birth certificates, marriage license, will, and deed to our property. I now have peace of mind knowing that I have a backup of these important documents.

“FAQ – How can I securely backup and access copies of my important documents, without using a lot of space on my network?”

That’s a question that clients have asked me several times, and here’s a solution that works for them:

  • An imaging project is created, with specific index fields that can be used as search criteria for scanned documents.
  • User ID and password are established, along with user rights, for secure access to the imaging project.
  • Client logs in to the imaging project, chooses Add File, browses to the saved file, names the file, and clicks Save, to immediately add the file directly to the secure image repository.

This solution allows clients to securely access their files anytime, anywhere, using an internet connection. All files are redundantly backed up and audit trail reports document all activity. Data is encrypted, along with secure SSL connectivity. Clients efficiently manage their files now that the documents are right at their fingertips.

Written by: RBurks


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