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Agentless Backup is Not a Myth: Free Data Recovery White Paper

For some, the reliability of data recovery and backup requires a long explanation. But there is a shorter answer to be had.

As you probably know, most backup and recovery solutions utilize agents that are installed onto servers that a system administrator wants to back up. And even in a relatively small IT environment, that can get complicated and time-consuming.

data recovery white paper - agentless backupThese agents can also bog down your system and sap processing time, not to mention that you have to deal with compatibility issues system-wide. Bleah.

But what if there was a backup and data recovery solution that didn’t require mass deployment of agents? What if that solution could offer three key advantages:

1. Security – Agentless architecture that eliminates open ports on your firewall for backup sources, dramatically enhancing security by removing point of attack inherent with agent based architecture.
2. Reliability – True recoverability of your data anywhere in the enterprise without disrupting day-to-day business operations.
3. Manageability – Data backup and recovery for all desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones in a single central repository eliminating silos of backup data.

Well, at TDV Cloud, we’ve got that solution. To get a better idea of the business benefits delivered by our agentless solution, download our free white paper: “Agentless Backup is Not a Myth.”

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