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Answers to the Records Management Questions You’re Afraid to Ask

Female Student Reluctant to Raise Her Hand to ask a question.We understand records management isn’t your primary business, but that doesn’t mean you should be afraid to ask questions. Every business needs a clear understanding of records management. In this blog, we answer the records management questions you’re afraid to ask. 

Q: What is Records Management?

A: Records management is the systematic oversight and administration of information throughout its lifecycle, from creation to destruction. In this context, a “record” is defined as evidence of and information about business activities and transactions.

Q: Is Records Storage the Same as Records Management?

A: Although closely aligned, records storage and records management are different. Records storage is one specific—albeit important—part of records management. Your documents should be stored in a way that protects them from unauthorized access and disasters. They should be secure, yet easily accessible. A professional records storage service protects and preserves your documents in a records center. Each record is barcoded and tracked for fast retrieval and delivery.

Q: How Does Records Management Benefit My Business?

A: Records management helps you identify, control, and protect information so your business complies with industry requirements and state and federal regulations. A solid, well thought-out records management program streamlines administrative tasks and reduces legal exposure for your company.

Q: How Do I Start a Records Management Program?

A: Inventory your documents. Determine who will store and manage them. Develop a retention policy; you may need to consult with your attorney to ensure retention periods align with your legal obligations. Document the policy and make sure your employees understand it. If you need expert help, look for a trusted records management provider.

Q: What Do Records Management Providers Do?

A: A qualified records management provider classifies, stores, manages, and destroys your documents according to your retention requirements. They will implement a system that helps you store, track and access records throughout their retention lifecycle. Records management providers may offer an array of services that include:

  • Vital records storage
  • File indexing
  • Document scanning
  • Paper shredding

Q: How Should I Choose a Records Management Provider?

A: Look for a local records management provider with a background providing records management solutions to businesses in your community. Thoroughly interview prospective partners and ask for client references. The more homework you do, the better for your business.

Above all, remember that the only bad records management questions are those unasked.

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