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Answers to Your Document Scanning Questions

Customer support questions business service concept with sign and question mark symbol on colorful spheres 3D illustration.Companies big and small are turning to document scanning as a reliable and cost-effective information management and workflow optimization solution. So, it’s not surprising that people ask us document scanning questions every day. In this blog, we answer several of the most common:

Q: Why should I outsource my scanning?

A: document imaging service reduces the burden and cost of digitizing documents in-house. From start to finish, professional scanning technicians handle the entire imaging process for you and eliminate your need to buy expensive equipment and hire and manage staff to scan your records. An outsourced scanning solution includes:

  • File organization and prep
  • Document scanning
  • Indexing
  • Data entry and coding
  • Optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Image database management 

Q: Where should I store my electronic documents?

A: Once your documents are scanned, they can be stored on a CD or a hard drive. Remember to store at least one copy of your images offsite in media vault for safekeeping. Your document scanning provider should be able to offer an Image Hosting solution, allowing you to access your scanned images from anywhere in the world.

Q: Which documents should I scan?

A: The documents you should scan depend on your workflow requirements and document management needs. Whether you have an inventory of legacy files cluttering your office or a collection of active documents that needs to be incorporated into your workflow processes, a document scanning provider can ensure your information is accurately digitized and integrated into the databases and systems that drive your business.

Q: Can I scan my blueprints and architectural drawings?

A: Yes. A large-format scanning service can convert engineering prints, topographic maps, architectural plans, and machinery schematics to digital images. After your documents are digitized, they’re added to an image hosting account for easy integration into your workflow process.

Q: How do I know my hosted images are secure?

A: Choosing a scanning provider that has proven their dedication to information security by becoming PRISM Privacy+ Certified is the first step. Scanned images should be encrypted, stored on a secure web server, and are transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to ensure regulatory compliance with HIPAA and other federal privacy laws. Secure chain of custody tracking must be integrated into all data transfer processes.

Q: What is Scan on Demand?

A: Scan on Demand is a unique solution that lets you store your documents offsite in a records center and convert them to images if and when needed. When you need a document, it’s retrieved, scanned and uploaded to a secure internet portal. Authorized personnel in your organization can access and view the hosted image quickly and securely.

Q: How should I choose a document scanning provider?

A: It’s important to select a document scanning provider you trust. Many document scanning companies ship documents overseas for processing and imaging, which can put sensitive information at risk. To prevent this from happening, use a locally-owned and operated provider with its own document scanning facility and background-screened scanning technicians. Ask for references to verify your scanning provider’s experience and expertise.

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