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Previously unknown malware infects computer systems every 34 seconds, day or night.

Does your organization have the proper protocols in place to handle such a threat? Unfortunately, recent studies show that many do not. These so called “zero day” incidents occur when a piece of malicious software is so new that even the most updated antivirus software packages fail to detect them. While this phenomena has been around since the beginning of the internet, with the 24/7 economy and rapid rate of innovation the stakes have become higher than ever before.

Once infected, a myriad of additional threats to an organization’s information present themselves. The most common of these are simply destructive, wiping or corrupting hard drives so that disruption to daily activities occurs. Other more crafty agents encrypt information and demand a digital ransom note, only releasing the data once a (usually large) amount of money has been paid to the extortionists. These methods have become far more common in recent years, leaving businesses with little recourse in the case of an attack.

Thankfully, both of these situations have an easy resolution. By keeping a complete backup of information off-site (connected or disconnected to the internet) the harm caused by destructive programs or threats from criminals holding data hostage can be largely negated. Restoring your information from a backup puts you in a position of power, able to ignore digital ransom demands and replace information destroyed via electronic means. Whether you choose to go with magnetic tape backups or a cloud based disaster recovery solution, many organizations consider them one of their best lines of defense in a world where you can’t be sure antivirus software is keeping up.

The Data Vault has been providing secure, off-site information backups since the summer of 1984. From our highly reinforced vault specifically designed to handle media storage to our enterprise grade cloud backup solution, our services can be customized to fit any size organization’s needs. Criminals and their viruses are always working to break into your servers, and our staff members never stop watching to ensure that you can backup the information in case of an incident.  Contact us today and see why 24/7 backups of your information is one of the best investments you can make!


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