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What is Cloud, Cloud Computing, and Cloud Backup?

Cloud…what is that? What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear someone say the word cloud? A responsive list may look like this: rainy weather, imaginative (interpreting what it looks like), ominous, pretty, etc. We recognize clouds because we have been told about them, seen them, and have experienced them…

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Don’t Let A Lack of A Cloud Backup Melt Your Chocolate.

What can happen if you don’t have a cloud backup? Ransomware and other malware will adversely affect you and your business if you don’t have a cloud backup. The recent ransomware called Petya/NonPetya/GoldenEye caused Cadbury to stop production of their famous chocolate in Hobart, Australia. Sadly, Cadbury was not the only company to suffer a halt…

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Hard Drive Shredding Time?

Do you have hard drives lying around holding sensitive data that need destroying? Do you have any storage devices containing personally identifiable information (PII) at your place of business or remote worksite? Deleting information is not the same as destroying it. With the proper technology and knowledge, deleted files can easily be recovered. These devices…

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