Backfile Scanning

Looking to cut down on time spent searching for missing records?

Our backfile scanning services are the solution you’ve been looking for. Whether you have a single container or an entire building full of files, we can handle any volume that you require. As more and more organizations begin the switch to paperless solutions, it is important that legacy files from previous years be a part of the new record keeping system. By combining your digitization project with the resources of The Data Vault, you can be assured of fast, accurate, and efficient completion of your backfile conversion project.

With state of the art scanning equipment, our imaging department can even handle uniquely sized and exotic records such as:

  • Architectural blueprints
  • Sensitive historical documents
  • Patient charts
  • Legal filings

The average lost record can cost an organization $220 a piece in time spent searching for the file or replacing it, and larger companies lose one every twelve seconds. By embracing a paperless office, you stand to save thousands of dollars over the years in increased productivity. For an example of how The Data Vault helped a Louisville area medical office transition to one of these money and time saving digital solutions, download our whitepaper today!

Whether your project is trying to free up clutter in the office by turning paperwork into digital files or an adaptation to keep up during peak business periods, The Data Vault stands ready to provide powerful bulk scanning solutions. Contact us today to speak with one of our expert consultants!


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