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Backing up Your Data: Choose Wisely

Data can be lost instantaneously and without a warning.  If you’ve ever experienced the crash of your personal computer hard drive, you know how stressful it can be.  Luckily, for the price of a bag of groceries, you can buy a portable hard drive to backup your personal files.  Or, for a monthly fee, a company will remotely backup your information so that you never have to worry about losing your personal photos or music files.

When it comes to business data, the stakes are much higher.  Loss of your critical business files can mean the loss of your business.   So, it goes without saying, that a consistent and reliable backup strategy is one of the most important plans you can implement for your business.

The options for backing up your business information are similar to those for backing up your personal computer.  You can backup your critical files internally to either tape or disk, or you can engage a data protection provider to implement and execute an online backup solution.  Choosing which backup solution is best for your business is dependent on several key factors.

First, the amount and type of data you’re backing up may be considered in determining which method you utilize.  Both disk and tape can hold terabytes of information, making them the perfect mediums for large amounts of information.  As long as these formats are kept in a strictly regulated environment, like one found in a computer room or a media vault, they can be preserved and read long term.

Backing up data online carries its own set of considerations.  New technology allows for “forever incremental” backups, meaning the entire database need not be sent through broadband.  Security through encryption is a major factor here, as is the ability to pull back the entire database in the need for a full recovery.  Many options are available to speed recovery time, and as technology moves forward, this is an option to investigate.

The size of your business determines what internal resources you have available to manage and perform the backup of your data.  Organizations with limited IT budgets may not have the necessary infrastructure to ensure critical information is backed up on a consistent schedule.  In these instances, a scheduled online solution may be of benefit, and without an additional hardware investment.

While all companies are unique in the way the view data protection, establishing a plan to backup data is critical to all.  The Data Vault can help your business assess which backup strategy is the best fit for your business.  We’ve been providing data protection services for the Louisville community since 1984.


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