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Backup and Data Recovery for Microsoft Sharepoint

Organizations of all sizes utilize Microsoft Sharepoint for collaboration, workflow and file-sharing. But backing up a shared environment can be challenging, especially if it’s a large one – is there a data recovery solution that works?

Actually, there is.

TDV Cloud is a cloud-based backup and data recovery solution that is key to securing one of the most business critical applications in an enterprise environment.

IT professionals will ask: How do I ensure that all my enterprise data is protected and that backups don’t take forever to complete? And if I happen to lose a single file, how do I know I can regain access to it in the most efficient manner? Finally and most importantly, how can I be sure I can have access to your information at all times?

The answer is TDV Cloud for Microsoft Sharepoint. To find out exactly how TDV Cloud answers these important data recovery questions, download our free data sheet, Single-Pass Microsoft® SharePoint® Granular Backup and Recovery, by clicking the link below. For more information, contact us directly at 502.244.1152 or by using this easy-to-use form.

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