Backup For Remote Offices

Where is your data located?

Traditional approaches to backup are not designed to protect data in remote office locations. Companies are tasked with protecting data without having information technology resources at these locations, all while managing bandwidth costs and meeting shrinking backup windows. The days of data being stored solely on a centralized server are gone, while mobile technology and remote working capabilities have resulted in business information being spread out across a wide range of locations. Because our solution is an agentless, remote backup solution that requires minimal intervention; your staff can manage it without having to have a costly physical presence on site. We offer centralized and automated scheduling as well as the following features:

  • Simple and fast guided deployment with our experts
  • Continuous and immediate protection of critical data
  • Centralized backup control for rapid control
  • User-friendly interface for data recovery management

One Backup Solution For All Your Remote Information

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Networking alone typically accounts for 30 percent or more of the total IT expenditures of an enterprise. For some companies, the recurring cost of bandwidth is a show stopper in protecting data at remote sites – some choose not to implement a remote backup and recovery solution because of it.

The Data Vault Cloud Backup architecture is WAN-Optimized and built around copying data from remote locations to a centralized data repository. Our global solution can reach businesses located in Louisville and beyond with enhanced, enterprise-wide backup capabilities whether utilizing a public or private cloud.

Minimizing Data Breach Risks

Modern organizations take data breaches seriously, and yours is no exception. We designed TDV Cloud to offer the most secure and compliant solution for eliminating potentially crippling data breach risks, while offering customized options for peace of mind. Not only is your data protected from cradle to grave, but you also have the ability to choose a range of encryption keys—from DES 56-bit (with an 8-character key) to AES 256-bit (with a 32-character key). In addition to these encryption standards, we also offer:

  • IANA registered ports
  • Digital signatures for every file and block of data
  • Background autonomic healing and system administration
  • Password management and rotation

There’s simply no other remote backup solution that offers such a robust data protection solution for your business. In over 30 years of operation, we’ve experienced zero breaches or compromised systems while providing the highest level of service for our clients. If this is something your organization might be interested in, please contact us today!


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