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Data Backup Strategy is Essential to Your Business

Preventing data loss is crucial to your business.  But understanding when and how to back up systems and files can be difficult.  And for businesses that have limited IT resources, data backup can be doubly challenging.  How often you back up your business data is dependent on the unique needs and resources of your organization.  However, essentially it comes down to how much information you have and how quickly you’d need to recover from a disaster.

A daily data backup is an ideal situation.  However, since backing up your files every day usually only takes into consideration incremental amounts of data, in the event you need a full restore of your files, that could prove to be extremely difficult.   As a result, in addition to daily data backup, most organizations also implement full weekly and monthly backups that take place outside their normal hours of operation.  This makes it possible to save a year’s worth of data and enables a full restore of their files in the event of a disaster.

There are certainly other types of data backup strategies and methodologies, each with varying degrees of complexity.  But more important than the specific strategy is making sure that your media is sent offsite for preservation and protection.  As soon as a backup is written to tape, that media should be transferred to a vault facility with a climate controlled environment and security monitoring.  You should also have the ability to manage your offsite inventory so that your rotation schedule is adequately supported.

A professional data protection company can provide you with the tools and expertise to support your data backup strategy.   They’ll work with your organization to make sure that your backup media is securely transferred to the vaulting facility and that the proper tapes are cycled back to you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  You should also have the ability to track and request your backup tapes at anytime to support your disaster recovery goals.

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