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The Benefits of Resilience

As small business owners face the challenges of a constantly changing world, one thing is for certain: they still put their trust in magnetic tape storage.

In fact, according to a new survey released late last week, 94% of businesses with less than 250 employees still consider the technology to be an integral part of their backup and disaster recovery plans. With that being said, however, it’s a different era than it used to be.

When the information technology professionals interviewed for the survey were asked why their organizations persisted in using tape storage in light of other, more technologically advanced formats, several key trends emerged. First and foremost was the low cost/high volume capabilities it brings to the table. As covered previously on our blog, tape drives continue to exponentially expand their storage capacities, competing with even the most advanced hard drive arrays for a fraction of the cost. Additionally, fewer and fewer businesses are putting all of their eggs in one basket; rather choosing to incorporate a hybrid backup solution for their essential information. What this can result in is cloud computing services existing side by side with magnetic tape storage to ensure the continuity of operations in the event of a natural disaster, hacking attack, or other catastrophic event.

As storage options continue to proliferate in an evolving marketplace, it’s a good idea to keep an open mind when it comes to technology that may appear to be outdated. Flexibility to fit new planning, scalability to meet bulk data needs, and resilience to breakdown in the case of a true disaster are the most important qualities to look for – not necessarily the newest, shiniest technology on the block.



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