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Extreme Weather and Paper Records Don’t Mix

With the rising tide of identity theft and business fraud, every business needs a strategy for protecting paper records from unauthorized access. But snoops and thieves aren’t the only threats you should worry about; severe weather can destroy information stored on documents and files. March was one of the wettest months in Louisville’s recorded history,…
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It Just Got Easier to Sue Your Business

When you’re busy running a business, it’s impossible to keep up with every news headline. That’s why we help you stay informed about the latest legal developments. A recent, groundbreaking court ruling is one development you need to know about because it significantly increases your organization’s liability exposure. In this blog, we discuss the specifics…
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5 Good Reasons to Consider a Media Storage and Rotation Service

Your data is your most valuable business asset, but it’s only as safe as the media it’s stored on. Without a reliable media storage and rotation plan, you put your data at risk. If you’re on the fence about investing in a media storage and tape rotation service, here are five good reasons to use…
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