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Determining the Best Scanning Solution for Your Business

It’s no secret: Document scanning addresses a variety of paper-dependency-related problems. But not every document scanning service is the perfect match for your business. In this blog, we break down different types of scanning services so you can decide which best fits your needs and budget. Image Service Bureau You may consider buying scanners and…
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Secure Records Storage Always Wins Over Self Storage

It’s football season—a time of year when rivalries renew and teams go head to head to see who will claim the title of “champion.” In this blog, we take the spirit of the gridiron to a different venue: document storage. Read on to learn why professional, secure document storage always beats self storage. Security When…
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Your Data Protection Questions, Answered

Every business needs a solid data protection strategy, but sometimes it’s hard knowing where to begin. In this blog, we answer your data protection questions. Q: When should I back up my data? A: There’s no magic formula for how often you should back up your data, since every business has unique data protection needs.…
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