Blueprint Scanning


Don’t Settle For Damaged Prints!

Does your firm have large documents that won’t fit onto standard office scanners? Many professionals find that oversized canvases are unwieldy when trying to share with colleagues or clients, creating time wasting inefficiency. Additionally, over time regular wear and tear can prove dangerous to the invaluable original copies that are required by many transactions.

These can include engineering prints, topographic maps, architectural plans and specifications, or machinery schematics; all of which need to be preserved for the future and/or digitized to expedite access and retrieval.

With The Data Vault’s large format scanning services, we help make these critically important records easier to access and utilize in a format that meets the needs of modern business. Even with pre-existing damage to aged materials, our scanning technicians help data come to life via cutting edge technology. Each scanned drawing is inspected for uniformity and quality prior to delivery.

Drawing size capabilities include:

  • Standard U.S. Architectural  9×12″ – 36×48″
  • Standard U.S. Engineering 8.5×11″ – 34×44″

Online Image Hosting

Converting your large blueprints to digital images opens up a world of possibilities for your company. Our online image hosting solution enables your documents to be easily stored, organized, retrieved and distributed without straining your IT resources or staff. After scanning and indexing your documents, we add them to your image hosting account where they can be securely accessed from anywhere in the world and easily integrated into your workflow processes in real time.

Live Image Example

Curious about what the output looks like when our document imaging team completes a project? Click on the image to the left and find out!

This plan was part of the road network that was proposed to be built around our Middletown location, while the end result was significantly changed it was helpful during the planning process to have easily shareable documentation for all the interested parties.



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