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Boston Celtics Find Digital Media Storage Solution

As professional sports leagues begin to ramp up for the beginning of the 2014-2015 season this fall, members of the supporting staff on each team are taking the time to review their handling of information including game footage, media content, and IT support for team devices. One major aspect of this job, however, is deciding the best way to handle the large volume of information that comes in daily from team activities; and the Boston Celtics are a prime example of an organization that has a clear vision in place.

Few sports fans realize the vast amount of infrastructure it takes to support a team’s operations from an information standpoint. Every game is recorded from multiple angles by high definition cameras, and that digital video can take up terabytes of space as it is stored indefinitely for later review when preparing for opponents. On top of this demand, you have photography, interactive media for internet presence, audio recordings, and other large files to store within a team’s archives for use in the future.

Teams are no strangers to vast amounts of information (think about the statistics that have been kept on sports since time immemorial) but with the advent of technology they’re dealing with a new breed of animal. The Celtic’s organization has stated that they expect a growth of 20 terabytes per year in terms of data storage, and have found that their demands have outgrown even the largest of magnetic tape solutions. With that in mind, they’ve implemented a tiered cloud storage solution – keeping some things accessible that are needed on a day to day basis for operations, and compressing the rest for archiving. As the CIO of the organization put it: “How many times do you need to go back to that 1968 footage of Celtics vs. 76ers? But you don’t want to throw it away.”

As it would be prohibitively expensive to keep all of their information instantly accessible 24/7, this solution fits the unique needs of the organization within their budget constraints. It can mean that compressed material takes longer to access, but is able to be held on cheaper storage mediums because of the rare need for it. With everything being stored twice, both for access and backup, this translates into immense savings over time for the organization.

As you can see, the Celtics have benefited from a customized enterprise grade cloud solution fitted to their organization’s needs and requirements. While standard large scale cloud providers cannot provide the level of support and service that they require, partnering with a 3rd party provider has created long term benefits for their organization. If this is something you or your organization is interested in, please do not hesitate to contact us here at The Data Vault and we would be more than happy to discuss your options!



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