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BYOD for the Holidays

Apple posted a fourth-quarter revenue of $37.5 billion, selling 33.8 million iPhones, compared to 26.9 million in the year-ago quarter. You know what that means, right? Lots more people using their personal devices for business — it’s BYOD for the holidays.

Apple also sold 14.1 million iPads during the fourth fiscal quarter, compared to 14 million a year ago.

So what’s an IT professional to do? You’ve got a legion of employees running around using their smart phones and tablet devices to take notes in meetings or to store business contacts, and if one of those devices gets left on a plane or goes into the drink in a public restroom, some pretty important data could be lost.

BYOD - bring your own device data recoveryThat’s the nature of BYOD, and the IT world has been scrambling to figure out how to deal with the problem of controlling it and backing it up for quite a while now. offers up a few helpful tips which we’ll summarize for you:

1. Introduce a Policy

This may be the most important one. If you don’t have a BYOD policy in place, start out the new year by creating one.

2. Emphasize the Importance of Passwords

If your password is “password,” you’re not securing your data. Also, Acronis points out that you should emphasize to employees that if you leave your computer to go use the john, log out or lock the computer.

3. Be Clear About Privacy

Be cautious but respectful of employees’ privacy. Acronis says, “If you implement BYOD, you are choosing to utilize personal devices, which calls for more tact and transparency.”

4. Choose Safe and Secure Backup System

Acronis states that one in every six users had a mobile device (including laptop, smartphone or tablet) stolen in 2013. Use a secure and complete backup solution that is tailored for both desktop computers and mobile devices. Make this part of your BYOD plan.

Have a safe and secure 2014, especially if BYOD is part of your business.


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