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BYOD: How TDV Cloud Keeps Up With Your Data Backups

BYOD Asigra infographic

When I was in high school, someone invited me to a party and said, “BYOB.” I said, “What’s that mean?”

They laughed at me.

I had never heard the term “Bring Your Own [Beverage]” before because, well, I was 16 and wasn’t a drinker. And I faced similar confusion recently when I began working for TDV Cloud and heard the term “BYOD.” BYOD? What’s that? Bring Your Own Dessert? Bring Your Own Doritos? Bring Your Own Darwinian Evolution Theory? (Wait, that would be BYODET. Never mind.)

You probably already know that BYOD stands for “Bring Your Own Device.” Of course, this refers to employees who bring their own computing devices – smartphones, laptops, PDAs – to the workplace and connect to the corporate network. It’s kind of like going to the party with a six-pack under your arm.

The question for said company’s IT staff then becomes, How do we back up that employee’s data? If it’s a sales team you’re talking about, and they are constantly on the road, there may be important customer data in those devices. So what happens if one of those BYOD devices dies while on a sales trip? Boom! Data lost. In other words, you just spilled your last beer before you even got to take a drink.

Fortunately, our partners over at Asigra offer a way to not only back up the computers and servers that are constantly connected, but those that aren’t, thus making BYOD a much less frightening proposition. (Spilled your beer? It’s OK – there’s more in the fridge!)

Asigra Cloud Backup (which powers TDV Cloud) provides methods of pulling the data off physical servers, virtual servers, and SaaS and PaaS vendors, such as the oft-used It can also cover a variety of operating systems, applications and storage types. Pretty cool, huh? posted a nicely informative article about Asigra’s BYOD solution. It’s well worth a read if you get the chance.

Oh yeah, and it’s BYOE. (That’s Bring Your Own Eyeballs, in case you were wondering.)


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