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Change Is In The Air

Information technology has never been at a larger crossroads than the one it’s at today. Responsibility for decisions is shifting from administration to the people running the day-to-day operations, with positive results for almost everyone involved. With this adaptation comes the encouragement of certain trends that have been on hold for a while now, taking a different perspective than one embraced by purely cost driven choices. Enterprise computer networks are getting faster, more efficient, and cheaper to operate; resulting in previously unrealized business efficiencies. Let’s take a look at a few of the major trends shaping the field today:

Cloud Computing

You can’t turn a corner in the IT world without hearing something about cloud computing services. Whether it’s being used for disaster recovery and backup or workspace collaboration, the technology has something to offer businesses of all sizes.


Gone are the days of monolithic server stacks in air conditioned rooms; instead companies are embracing a “virtual” computing solution. This allows for having a single pool of computing resources that can be readjusted and redistributed on the fly where it’s needed, scaling up or down depending on the requirements.

Big Data

Information is the new competitive advantage. The greater your ability to collect mass amounts of data and analyze it for insights, the more of a leg up on competition you have. By showing trends that are not always plainly obvious to the naked eye, big data analytics are transforming the way business operates.


Threats to enterprise networks are no longer focused on a single entry point that can be guarded by a heavy firewall, but are becoming more distributed among all connected devices. This reflects the overall openness of the internet, and is requiring security procedures to be in place for every level of the network – servers, mobile devices, workstations, and everything in between.

Quality Interfaces

This trend is probably the one that is the most publicly visible to a large number of people. As more users need access to these systems, interfaces are being created with intuitive designs that can help even non-tech related staff gather the information they need in an expedited fashion. In a society accustomed to touchscreen interfaces and elegant controls, this trend bridges the gap between the people behind the scenes and those utilizing the benefits.

Here at The Data Vault, we’ve seen many changes in the records management industry over our 30 years of existence. As times change and businesses adapt to new environments, we’re ready to assist in any way possible; whether it be by offering solutions or just consulting and advice. If there’s anything we can help you with, please contact us today and our experts will be in touch!



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