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Changing Expecations for Backup and Disaster Recovery (BURR)

We want it now. NOW. Whether it’s wanting our favorite website to load quickly, or skipping through the commercials on our DVR’d favorite show, Americans don’t want to wait. Business leaders are feeling the same about their Backup and Disaster Recovery (BURR) plans these days, according to a recent blog over at Computer Business Review online.

The blog says that while a few days’ recovery time with traditional data tape backup was absolutely acceptable for years, patience has worn thin. Disk to disk recovery brought that time expectancy down to a day or less, but now even that isn’t industry standard thanks to Cloud backup systems.

The challenge is getting IT managers at smaller companies to take the next step and accept that virtual backup — which can restore and recovery whole systems and get you back up in running in an hour or less in some cases — are affordable, as well as absolutely necessary. But imagine having basically a virtual carbon copy of your critical data that, in the case of emergency, you could switch to almost seamlessly. Makes it easier to understand why a few days suddenly seems like an eternity when your business is on the line.

We here at TDV Cloud feel this is the way of the future when it comes to BURR, and we’re looking forward to that future. If you’re interested in learning more about the new wave of disaster recovery, call us at 502.244.1151, or e-mail


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