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Check Out Our New Data Recovery Video

We at The Data Vault are smiling over our new video (below). The magic hand and sharpie will help you understand what you need to know about TDV Cloud and data recovery, just like … well, magic. (We should name the hand, shouldn’t we? What would you name a hand, especially one that is obviously female? Hannah? Hmm.)

We get a kick out of it when certain words appear in different fonts and colors. We especially like it when she writes the sentence “Then, if a local hard drive suddenly fails,” and the font in the word “fails” turns red and then leans right, as if it’s sagging. Later, she writes “intense”, and the curvy letters appear, they’re orange. It just helps the words *pop*, if you will. Fun stuff.

OK, maybe we’re gushing a bit. Probably best just watch for yourself and pick out your own favorite moments. (Although the purple “time-consuming” is pretty cool, we must say.)

To learn more about TDV Cloud and how it can help your business, visit Data Recovery Louisville.


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