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Clean Out Your Computer Day


Desktops often appear to run slower than they should due to excessive amounts of files stored on the device. People treat their computers like a garage, seeing tons of storage space and setting down whatever they’re carrying when it’s convenient; but over time the accumulation of random stuff becomes a hidden problem.

On February 9th we celebrate Clean Out Your Computer Day, where everyone is encouraged to take a look around their digital life and reduce the amount of clutter that may be hurting their productivity. General best practices state that after storing a file for a year, you should back it up to a secondary hard drive or the cloud and then clean it off the primary machine. Obviously some types of information is exempt from this (for example, tax documentation) but for everyday word processing files or rarely accessed projects there’s no reason why it can’t be archived. The other option is deleting the records in question, but in a lot of cases there’s a chance they may become relevant again in the future and getting rid of them isn’t the wisest choice.

In addition to cleaning out old or redundant files, running a disk cleanup program on occasion isn’t a bad idea. All computers have some form of this service included with their operating system, and despite the large amounts of time that it requires to fully run they can be highly beneficial if allowed to complete. As part of this upgrade the latest system updates are normally installed; while that may require multiple reboot efforts it’s worth patching the latest known security bugs.

While it can seem overwhelming to sift through the digital hubris that collects on any computer, you’ll find that it’s worth the effort in the long run. Computers can be incredible productivity aids if well maintained, and with a little bit of work yours can be running in top shape!


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