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Cloud Adoption Rates Rising In Small Business Community


Recent reports indicate that at least 60% of small businesses have adopted cloud computing of some kind, whether it be full integration or limited to specific tasks.

So what’s holding up the rest?

The benefits of the technology are widely known (including significant cost savings and productivity enhancement), yet a significant number of organizations are hesitant to make the jump. “Many small businesses are recognising the advantages of cloud computing services, but there remains a great deal of concern that sensitive data may not be secure or the service not reliable,” said FSB national chairman John Allan. “Businesses don’t want to transition to cloud-based systems without knowing who will be liable if something goes wrong.”

While these fears are not a new phenomena within the enterprise community, as the benefits of innovation trickle down to smaller firms there needs to be a greater amount of transparency when it comes to perceived costs and benefits. Cybersecurity efforts have increased exponentially as the modern digital environment has evolved, and services on the market today are much more equipped to deal with the daily demands of business operations.

The Data Vault Cloud takes these principles to heart as a fully customized solution designed to alleviate the concerns of business owners. With a secure backup available via cloud computing, you never have to worry about unnecessary data loss as a result of equipment malfunction, vendor error, or human mistakes during normal operations. Featuring transparent pricing and direct answers about information storage locations, our experts take pride in bringing the advantages of the technology to normal people with clear explanations and answers. If this sounds like something you’d like to learn more about, contact us today and someone will be in touch soon!


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