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Survey Shows Cloud Adoption Trend for Fail Safe Data Protection

In a survey of IT Managers conducted by Acronis and Redmond Magazine, respondents cite they are more and more turning to cloud backup to avoid having a single point of failure in their data protection plans, reports.

The report says that 59 percent of companies surveyed recognize the danger of maintaining a single form of backup, and many are looking to the cloud to eliminate a single point of failure. In fact, nearly a quarter already back up to the cloud as a secure off-site solution.

cloud backup and data protection

Perhaps most startling is that 75 percent report having a data tape failure within the last year.

As such, 22 percent see phasing out of their legacy backups as a challenge going forward. IT departments see cloud backup and recovery as a highly beneficial off-site storage solution to such issues. Forty-three percent of survey respondents cited the extra layer of data protection as the primary benefit of cloud, while 24 percent were primarily attracted to the underlying cost savings, MarketWatch reported.

“Organizations no longer have to incur the risk of a tape failure when staging to cloud can provide the simple added layer of protection that organizations need,” Scott Crenshaw, Acronis senior vice president of strategy and CMO told “Forward looking IT organizations should be thinking ‘cloud first’ when assessing effective recovery strategies.”

Read the full article here.

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