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Radiant Server Heat Provides Environmentally Sound Benefit To Cloud Computing

As winter bares it’s fangs across the country, environmental systems are straining to keep up with the record setting low temperatures. Whether commercial or residential, people this time of year always have the primary concern of maintaining a reasonable indoor working space – but what if there was a better way to heat our business offices?…
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Estonia’s Government Makes The Jump To The Cloud

What do geopolitical instability, rapid digitization of government services, and tiny Baltic nations have in common? They may appear to be dissimilar, but all three intersect in a notable country called Estonia. Long overshadowed by the clout of it’s neighbor Russia and the legacy of communism, this small republic of 1.4 million people has managed…
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Five Questions to Ask About Your DR Plan

We probably harp on this too much, but we wanted to share this fine article from and offer our comments and praise. The subject: Five Questions You Need to Answer About Your Disaster Recovery Plan. B2C‘s five big questions are common-sense-meets-thought-provoking, and every organization should stop and strongly consider them. Here they are: 1.…
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