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Cloud backup and data recovery use still rising

The rise in the use of the cloud for backup and data recovery isn’t slowing down, if a recent survey is any indication.

cloud data recovery - vmworldBased on a survey of attendees at VMworld, an annual showcase of virtualization technology, in August, 63 percent of respondents said that one year from now they would be running more of their computing workload in the cloud, according to an infographic by

The survey reports that 73 percent of businesses are using cloud solutions for at least some portion of their IT needs, including backup and data recovery, and they three key reasons for cloud use are, respectively, cost reduction, security and speed.

More than half – 51 percent – said that by this time next year, they would be using cloud solutions more than they are currently, and that number jumps to 57 percent for two years out.

Additionally, of those currently using cloud for enterprise backup and data recovery, 48 percent employ a private cloud solution.


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