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Your Cloud Backup Questions, Answered

questions answers ask the right question and get an answer help or support desk solve problems and find solutions road sign 3D illustrationEvery day, we’re asked cloud backup questions–and we love answering them! If you’re a small business owner, there’s a good chance you’ll find one of your cloud backup questions answered here.

Q: What Is Cloud Backup?

A: Cloud backup refers to backing up data to a cloud-based server. Cloud backup data is first encrypted, then transmitted to a remote data center for storage. A cloud backup service mitigates data loss and gives your business a reliable disaster recovery solution. Cloud backup can serve as a standalone data recovery solution or integrate with tape backup for a hybrid data protection strategy.

Q: What Are the Biggest Advantages of Cloud-Based Backups?

A: There are two major advantages of cloud-based backups:

  1. Data isolation – Backups stored in the cloud are isolated from your office location, which means your data will not be lost during a facility-level incident.
  2. Infinite scalability – There’s no limit to the amount of data you can protect.

 Q: Can I Back up All of Our Office Computers and Laptops to the Cloud?

A: Yes. With a robust cloud backup solution, any number of machines on your network can be backed up simultaneously. Look for a cloud backup provider who offers a mobile client application so data on employee laptops and mobile devices is backed up efficiently and securely

Q: Who Monitors the Backup Process?

A: Besides securing, encrypting and delivering your data when you need it, your cloud backup provider should monitor your backups so you and your employees can focus on your business.

Q: How Do I Know My Data Is Safe in the Cloud?

A: Your data is compressed and encrypted during transmission to the remote data center and kept that way while in storage. Only you have access to the encryption key for your backed-up data.

Q: What If I Need Emergency Access to My Cloud Data?

A: With a complete cloud backup solution, you should have unfettered, anytime access to your backups. Whether data is lost from a disaster or local machine failure, you should be able to recover it in a matter of minutes, enabling your business operations to continue with little or no downtime.

Q: How Much Does a Cloud Backup Service Cost?

A: Typically, you pay for the data storage resources you consume, but some cloud backup providers tack on hidden fees. To avoid being overcharged, look for a provider who clearly explains exactly what you’re paying for and offers a cloud solution tailored to your backup requirements and budget.

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