Cloud Backup and Recovery in Middletown, KY

Your data is your most important asset; losing it may cause a ripple effect of negative outcomes for your business. The Data Vault is your data protection partner. Since 1984, we’ve provided cloud backup and recovery solution for organizations in Middletown.

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Turnkey Data Protection

The Data Vault offers triple-redundant data protection for your business. We create three copies of your data:

  1. The primary copy is stored on your local drive or network.
  2. A copy of the primary backup is stored on removable media for offsite storage in our media vault.
  3. A second copy of the primary backup is encrypted and digitally sent to our remote data center.

These redundancies give you a secure, reliable backup and recovery solution that protects your business from single points of failure as well as local and regional disasters. We’re also nearby for quick deliveries from our media vault, and available for support at all stages of the backup and recovery process.

Comprehensive Breach Prevention

Cybercrime is on the rise, so protecting your data from increased hacking and ransomware risks has never been more important. We offer the most secure and compliant data breach prevention solution for your business. TDV Cloud protects your data from cradle to grave.

You can choose from a range of encryption keys, from AES-128 (default), AES-256, or Blowfish-448. In addition to a variety of encryption standards, we also offer:

  • IANA-registered ports
  • Digital signatures for every file and block of data
  • Background autonomic healing and system administration
  • Password management and rotation

You won’t find a more comprehensive data protection solution in or near Middletown.

Your Data Monitoring and Recovery Partner

We understand how managing your backups can put stress on your time and resources. Our full-time data monitoring solution lets you focus on your business. We monitor your backup logs and notify you if a problem arises. In the event of unexpected data loss, we provide personalized assistance to help you quickly recover lost files, documents and critical data. The Data Vault’s backup and recovery solution keeps you productive and efficient.

The Data Vault provides cloud backup and disaster recovery services to businesses in Kentucky and Southern Indiana. For more information about our cloud backup and recovery services in Middletown, please call us at 502-244-1151 or complete the form on this page.


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