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Cloud Backup Under Attack (Again)

Just last week we reported here on the latest cloud backup bashing, and it’s on again.

This time Electronic Engineering Journal is piling on. And we can’t fault them for why – cloud-storage company Nirvanix recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and abruptly told its customers they have two weeks to retrieve their data. Boom, just like that.

At the risk of sounding less than eloquent, that really sucks.

Cloud data backup and restore reliabilityBut Nirvanix clearly shouldn’t reflect every cloud provider. If Burger King goes out of business, what are you going to do? Boycott McDonald’s? No, you’ll learn your lessons about where you get your burgers. Better yet, you’ll take a look at what was in those burgers to begin with, and then you’ll do the smart thing and make yourself dinner at home with food you bought from a trusted local vendor. makes great points in its article, nevertheless. How much sense does it make to store your most critical data somewhere in a far-off land, assuring that if your servers go belly up, the only access you have to said data is via an Internet download? And if that company goes belly up – as is the case with Nirvanix – then every bit of money and faith you put into your cloud backup solution is a lost bet.

So again we say this: Choose your cloud backup provider wisely. Choose one with a track record of security. Choose one that continues to be a successful business. And more importantly, choose one that gives you options. Here at TDV Cloud, we offer multiple backup points, and one of them is within driving distance. So, if the city of Louisville is leveled by Godzilla, we can physically go get a server or servers with your backed-up data on it, and bring it to you.

Don’t use cloud backup as if it’s a You-Store-It warehouse; use it as a fail-safe, and make sure you’re getting the security and assurances you need to meet your recovery time objectives. Do your homework, and you’ll be able to avoid scrambling to retrieve your data from a busted cloud-provider-of-the-month.!


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