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Cloud Computing Can Slash IT Costs by 26 Percent

According to a new study commissioned by San Antonio-based hosting company Rackspace, cloud computing allows U.S. businesses to slash information technology costs by about 26 percent.

This study, released on Feb. 20, is the result of a poll of 1,300 businesses in the U.K. and the U.S., as reported by In addition to this IT cost savings, 62 percent of U.S. businesses polled also say that deploying in the cloud improved their bottom lines.

cloud computing

Cloud computing may help you slash IT costs and improve your company’s bottom line.

“The results are finally showing what we’ve known all along,” said Rackspace Chief Technology Officer John Engates. “It’s not just about moving workloads from your data center to our data center.”

While we as consumers use cloud computing almost daily – ITunes is in the cloud, Gmail is in the cloud, not to mention and even Facebook – corporate computing is also shifting to the cloud.

This growing acceptance of public cloud platforms could foreshadow a trend in which cloud computing will be conducted similarly to the way electricity is distributed by utility companies, the article states. Tech geeks even refer to the long-term public cloud computing concept as “utility computing.”

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