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Cloud Solution Simplifies Disaster Recovery Planning

Having transitioned to cloud based recovery years before, our client was generally pleased by their experiences with cloud technology. However, there were some concerns about the complexity of the solution, potential points of failure, and intermittent status reports they were receiving.

In one specific incident, unnoticed errors in the local process had compromised the most current backup. Their system was able to be restored from the cloud based copy; but even then the stated recovery time objectives were not met. It was determined that the problem wasn’t the overall strategy, but the absence of regular monitoring.

With prices escalating and significant technological advances coming to market, our client decided to initiate a search for an improved, more cost effective system. They reached out to The Data Vault for help, and after a thorough evaluation we were able to suggest a solution that would streamline their backups while saving time and money.

Download our case study to see how our cloud based disaster recovery solution helped our client guarantee the integrity of critical data. Contact us for more details on how we can help your company!


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