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Cloud Use for Disaster Recovery to Rise in 2013

A new study by TechTarget/Computer Weekly shows that cloud computing will become used more frequently for disaster recovery, backup and business continuity, among other uses, in 2013.

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This study of nearly 1300 IT professionals found that all cloud services are expected to grow over the next 6 months, with disaster recovery/backup being among those expected to make the biggest leaps forward.

In fact, the study predicts the adoption of cloud for disaster recovery and business continuity will grow from 17.9 percent now to 28.5 percent in six months, even while many IT pros continue to use “archaic” (Computer World’s phrasing, not mine): “For instance, beyond cloud DR services, 43% respondents also shipped DR data to another physical recovery site and 34% admitted to still putting DR data on tape.”

It’s interesting that such disaster recovery methods are already being considered “archaic” by some when widespread cloud adoption hasn’t (yet) occurred.

One surprise from the study was that despite the projected rise in the use of cloud for disaster recovery, just 43 percent of respondents said they can recover using cloud-based computing services and DR data stored in the cloud. Even more surprising is that only 25% reported that they have tested the cloud disaster recovery service.

In addition, the practice of disaster-recovery-as-a-service — wherein an enterprise uses a third-party vendor to help develop and implement a disaster recovery plan — is also set to rise from 36% currently to 51% in the next six months.

All interesting findings, if you’re an IT professional. Of course, we knew all along cloud disaster recovery was going to take over. (Wink.)

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