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Cloudy Days: Why Computing Services Must Be Backed Up


Your organization just migrated to the latest cloud computing sensation. The feeling of security and increased productivity around the office is infectious, leading information technology staff to catch up on some much delayed improvements in other areas of company while all is quiet. But then an incident occurs at your service provider’s facility. Your data (with numerous others) disappears as one of their servers overheats, and fine print makes them not responsible for any losses.

This scenario plays out all too often in the technology world as providers race to the bottom of the barrel in pricing. Slashing costs looks good on the bottom line, but comes at the expense of security and responsibility; leading to angry finger pointing when information is permanently lost. In fact, many of the lowest cost providers will only give you a vague geographic region where the data is stored (i.e. “somewhere in California”) instead of a specific city.

These issues shouldn’t deter you from utilizing the most popular platforms for collaboration, but it would be wise to consider having a backup copy of your cloud based information in case of an incident as described above. One of the biggest growth areas in service today is the idea of “cloud – to – cloud backup” or the practice of having your information in the cloud backed up into another one for the sake of redundancy. While the traditional path of hard copy backup and storage is still a valid option, keeping your information backed up into an additional virtual service can prevent the disruptions in workflow that sometimes result while physical media is re-uploaded after a loss.

Whatever your thoughts on cloud services and storage, The Data Vault can help guide you through the turbulent waters out there. If you’re considering a switch to a new system or would like to protect yourself against a disaster utilizing your existing one, we can help you consider the options and make a successful transition. Contact us today and one of our experts will be in touch!


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