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Compliance Now Core Business Practice


Consumer pressure and heightened regulatory scrutiny are are prompting many professionals to embrace compliance as a core function of their business, according to a recent report. The study showed that 81% of respondents were concerned or very concerned by the government’s practice of identifying and prosecuting individuals who violated existing privacy and information security laws. But a mismatch between resources and commitment still exists at many firms, as personnel tasked with enforcing policies find themselves without the backing to do everything their role requires.

Thankfully, that trend seems to be going in a positive direction. “Organizations are choosing to vest these duties with individuals whose sole responsibility is compliance, as opposed to wearing multiple hats, which has proven to be the most effective means of maintaining a culture of compliance” the research’s authors concluded, a noted change from their findings two years ago where compliance officer’s paychecks were dwindling and budgets being slashed. There’s still room for improvement, but as cybersecurity concerns affect even the most well organized business interests, the attitude on devoting resources to meeting regulatory requirements is shifting.

If you’re one of the companies that has changed their view of compliance from a cost to a business advantage, The Data Vault can help streamline and enhance that function into an effective program. 57% percent of legally regulated firms outsource some part of their records keeping system, ensuring neutrality in the eyes of the law through 3rd party support. Our team of experts can help with digital disaster recovery, highly secure vault storage, records management, and other services that meet high level government standards. Contact us today for a complete assessment of your needs and potential avenues where we can assist!


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