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Could Document Scanning Protect Against Fraud?

There are myriad reasons for scanning your important business documents to digital files, from saving physical storage area and expense to simply being more organized and efficient. But a recent article on suggests document scanning and imaging could even help prevent employees with bad intentions from fraudulently altering or destroying important documents.

According to a survey on which the article was based, 67% of senior finance and IT professionals — and it should be noted that those surveyed are in the U.K. — believe insider fraud involving critical documents is possible within their businesses. It also reports that 25% have actually witnessed document tampering by a member of staff.

Yikes. This may be a U.K. study, but this could happen in Louisville, Ky., just as easily.

Of course, we at The Data Vault always champion having a secure records management plan in place; they say one bad apple spoils the bunch, but one bad employee could compromise your business.

As it relates to document scanning, we were most struck by this figure: 74% surveyed stated that an electronic document management system would help prevent fraudulent activities.

“By implementing a document management and imaging system, the likelihood of ‘losing’ and tampering with a document, such as an invoice or purchase order, is considerably reduced and it is apparent who has viewed and authorised which documents,” the article reads.

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